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Want Antz Beans in your Café or Business?

With over 13 years of experience in the WA coffee industry, Antz Coffee Co wants to partner with businesses that are equally passionate about creating an incredible coffee experience for their customers.

Driven by Relationships

Here at Antz Coffee Co, we strive to be open, responsive, helpful and easy to talk to. We are a happy bunch of people who strive to make your day better! 13 years in the cafe and coffee roasting industry gives us unique insights into daily cafe operations, and we understand many of the nuances of running a successful hospitality business. Our team can offer you a broad and deep range of knowledge and understanding that includes optimum cafe configurations, equipment selection, bean selection, marketing and branding. Anything coffee related? We’ve got you covered. If you need to know something, ask us!




Dedication to Quality & Excellence

We are seriously passionate about offering beans of the highest quality, from all around the world. We take great care in sourcing, selecting and sampling a wide range of origins and products, with the singular goal of increasing the quality and consistency of our freshly roasted coffee offering. The result of the care and dedication we have to quality is experienced by the coffee drinker, as they enjoy an expertly crafted and carefully prepared Antz coffee. Head over to the Ebeanz store to check out our range of freshly roasted coffee beans. If you like a bit of a lucky dip, check out the Roasters Choice Subscription, and get the roasters recommendation, as frequently as you like! You can  even give us a gentle prod in the right direction if you like a certain flavor or brew method.



Ethical Operation, Responsibility and Sustainability

We care heaps about making sure we do our part to support the longevity, sustainability and livelihood of the coffee industry, and those who work hard to make it happen. Every step in the process from sourcing and buying green beans, through to roasting packaging and sending our coffee out into the world is carefully examined with a “can we do this in a way that is better for the industry and environment and the people who enjoy it”. There is a long list of initiatives championed by Antz, such as being the first cafe in Perth to ditch the paper cup, offering our coffee grinds for free to those who have use for them, donating all proceeds of Hessian bags sales to local charities, using Thankyou hand soaps, EnviroCare cleaning products, locally sourced Bannister Downs milk, energy efficient appliances, Who Gives A Crap toilet paper and tissues, a 100% electric powered delivery van, fully compostable coffee bags and even the boxes we send out our wholesale orders in are 100% re-used Bannister Downs milk boxes!  We have also incorporated catalytic oxidizer in our new roastery design to reduce smoke and pollution! Even our website host is an environmentally conscious carbon neutral business. That doesn’t even begin to cover the energy we put into sourcing our coffee ethically and responsibly. Check out the Jacoba Story and all the amazing work being done in Colombia, or the Indian Tiger Mountain conservation initiative which gives proceeds on the green coffee price directly to the Wildcats Conservation Alliance.

OK enough about how good we are. The point is, we make a consistent and often expensive effort to do our part. By partnering with Antz, you are supporting a business that cares about the long term sustainability of our planet and the people on it. We do our very best to keep these costs to ourselves, and our prices reflect that. We don’t pass on the cost of sustainability to our customers.

Supporting those who Support us

We can provide coffee-making training, in all its various forms, technical support and advice on equipment. We do not supply coffee making equipment, for loan or lease, but if you are purchasing your own equipment, we can make recommendations and introduce to our preferred suppliers — we just don’t want you stuck in a contract! Our customer care team will ensure your experiantz is everything you thought it would be!

To help you make your mark on the coffee scene, we can also help you create an exclusive Antz blend, according to your preference.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, please fill in your details and we will get back to you soon. If you’re already receiving our beans, please direct your email to

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