23 Mar 2018

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at Antz

Here at Antz we bring coffee to the people and goodness to the planet. Produced in a way that ensures minimum impact to the environment, there are plenty of ways you can get involved to keep the good times rolling.

WA’s First Reusable-Only Café

In 2016, we opened Antz HQ at 732 Albany Highway as Australia’s first reusable-only café. At HQ, every customer brings their own reusable cup for takeaway coffees or dines in with a ceramic cup. So far we have saved over 150,000 paper cups from landfill. That number grows higher every day. Antz HQ is also entirely free from single-use plastics. All the paper available for takeaway food, napkins, and paper straws is recyclable.

Reusable Cup Discount

At all three of our cafes, we offer a 50c discount on our coffee prices for customers who bring their own reusable cup. We are seeing more and more coffees heading out the door in reusable cups and it couldn’t make us happier. Antz is one of few cafes around who are happy to wash your reusable cup for you if it’s a little grubby. You don’t have to resort to a paper takeaway! If you don’t already have a reusable cup, we have a huge selection of cups available (for as little as $7). As a gesture of good will, we will put your first coffee in any new reusable cup for free! Free coffee! Yes!

Get a discount on our Antz Cold Brew products by bringing your own reusable vessel. Enjoy 50c off takeaway Cold Brews with a reusable cup, and enjoy a whopping $6/L discount on Cold Brew by refilling your own glass growler rather than purchasing a 6-pack of glass bottles!

Paper and Plastic Alternatives

For those times you just can’t get away without paper or plastic, we try to get your coffee to you in the greenest way possible. For us, that means offering our paper takeaway coffees in biodegradable, compostable cups. Chopping the products up and placing them in household compost, they can be diverted from landfill. Sourced from post-consumer recycled paper waste, Antz’ other paper products can be recycled rather than put in landfill, such as paper straws, paper bags, and paper napkins.

If you’re purchasing coffee beans from any of our stores, you’ll also see that we put all our beans into compostable paper bags that have a corn-based lining rather than plastic. Before you throw it in the compost, however, we encourage you to reuse it! The paper bags for beans have lots of life in them, and we will be happy to throw a few extra beans in there for you free of charge as a thank you for thinking of the planet.

Stay tuned to hear more about our environmental initiatives here at Antz!


Written by Darcy Nidd