04 Apr 2018

Little People Can Make a BIG Change!

Over the last 12 years of operation, we have added environmental initiatives to our business to keep the impact of our business (and your coffee) on the planet to a minimum. Explore the hit list below!

Free Coffee Grinds

You heard right, Antz gives all its coffee grinds away for FREE. We get through over 250kg of coffee a week across our three stores and all the grinds are available for the Perth public to take home for free. You can find the grinds next to the back fence of our HQ store (BYO bag or bucket!) or on the back step of our 965 store. If you want to ward off garden snails, up the moisture content of your backyard soil, grow mushrooms or even make yourself a beautiful body scrub, come down and help yourself.

Hessian Bags

Once we’ve roasted a bag of green beans, we offer up the hessian bags to the public for whatever crafty projects you might like. Bags are available for a gold coin donation from any of our stores, with all of the donations going to local charities, schools & causes.

Responsibly Sourced Coffee

Here at Antz, we source our green coffee beans from all over the world, with a focus on small farms and organically grown produce. Many of our beans carry an official certification. Organic, Fair Trade, Farmer Direct, Rain-forest Alliance Certified, UTZ Certified, Swiss Water Processed – but even more of our beans are responsibly sourced without a certification. Our beans that come from individual farmers, small farms, and social cooperatives are grown in bio-diverse landscapes where people care about the land and its people. We ensure that a fair price is paid for these beans so that the communities can keep doing the good deeds and producing the good stuff.

A couple of our beans are also part of special projects. Our India Tiger Mountain bean is purchased in partnership with the 21st Century Tiger Project. They donate proceeds from the sales of green beans to a conservation partnership between the Global Tiger Patrol and the Royal Zoological Society of London. The ‘Project One to One’ beans are purchased in a special farmer direct relationship. Antz purchases one farm’s entire crop for the season. The farms in this project are incredibly small, but the partnership allows us to cut out the middle man and pay all our funds to the growers themselves, as well as allowing Antz to be the only place in the world to taste that farm’s beans for the season. Win win!

This season’s One to One beans are grown by Isai Guerrero Ojeda and his family in the Cajamarca region of Peru, on a farm just two hectares in size.

Everyday Environmental Choices

In our everyday work, we also try to reduce our environmental impact at Antz by spending a little extra money on quality, eco-friendly, local products to use in the shop. You’ll find all kinds of good things in our cafes, from Who Gives A Crap toilet paper and tissues, Thankyou hand soaps, EnviroCare cleaning products, locally sourced Bannister Downs milk, energy efficient appliances, and so on. We have also incorporated catalytic oxidizer in our new roastery design to reduce smoke and pollution!


Written by Darcy Nidd