22 Jan 2018

Antz In The Community

To us, being ‘part of our community’ means employing local community members, supporting local charities, encouraging local initiatives and delivering consistently good coffee to our neighbours.

In terms of the wider community, we engage in several environmentally friendly initiatives which include –

Using a IR12 Dietrich roaster, which expels minimal carbon dioxide emissions
Using locally sourced milk cased in biodegradable packaging as well as reuse milk boxes for packaging commercial orders
We allow public access to used coffee grounds for reuse, instead of adding it to landfill
We opened a paper cup-free venue and have created incentives to use reusable cups in all of our cafes
All of our coffee bags are packaged in biodegradable bags
All paper cups used in Antz cafes are ‘Eco-Cups’, which are not lined with a plastic interior that allows for an easier breakdown

Some of our coffee beans also support local cooperatives, such as Colombia Jacoba. Jacoba beans are produced by an agricultural and social cooperative that ensures the welfare of coffee growers. Jacoba is chemical free and carefully produced to ensure a low environmental impact. These beans are grown in harmony with nature and supplied sustainably.

In addition, proceeds from the green bean sales of India Tiger Mountain go towards 21st Century Tiger, the Global Tiger Patrol and the Zoological Society of London. These groups collectively help to conserve wild tigers under threat of extinction due to habitat degradation and fragmentation, depletion of prey animals and poaching.