22 Jan 2018

Why Does Antz Coffee Taste So Good?

The reason why our coffee tastes good is… We order the best, highest rated green beans from around the world and roast them with excellent roasting equipment by a team of well-experienced and skilled roasters. Freshness is also important at Antz. We roast virtually every day to ensure the coffee available in-store and the coffee delivered to you is as fresh as possible.

While a great cup of coffee is important, a positive ‘coffee experience’ is key! At Antz, we pride ourselves on being helpful, responsive, open and easy to talk to. We’re also a pretty happy bunch of people who strive to make your day better!

We’re constantly asked, why the name “Antz Inya Pantz”? We believe in being like children at play. Kids act with enthusiasm, energy and gusto – they really do have ants in their pants! We try to embody the simple ideas of being healthy, happy and having wholesome fun. So, whilst we make excellent coffee and strive to create positive Antz experiences, we also have fun doing it!