Antz  Experiantz

A (short) History of Antz

Over a decade ago, Antz Inya Pantz Coffee Company started as a quirky coffee roasting house at the quiet end of the Albany Highway strip in East Victoria Park. It wasn’t long before coffee enthusiasts heard about our quality caffeinated beverages and freshly roasted coffee beans. In fact, within a few years of opening, our little cafe/ roaster venue couldn’t handle the growing line of regular customers!

An excellent opportunity arose in 2010, which allowed Antz to expand into a larger space at 965 Albany Highway (across the road from the roaster). Here, we could offer comfortable sitting areas, present a larger food offering and showcase our extensive range of freshly roasted coffee beans and coffee-making equipment.

Three years later, another opportunity presented itself. The neighbouring shop, 965a Albany Highway, became available and we took down the dividing wall. Here we started a new venture – Antz Cold Brew and provided an even greater choice of roasted coffee beans.

Antz was about three-times the original size at this point, but we were still so busy! We responded by re-opening the doors to our roaster at 968 Albany Highway, and set up a small takeaway coffee venue in amongst roasting operations. Antz2go is open during our busiest morning periods to ensure our customers can pick up a fantastic (and timely) coffee.

By 2016, Antz was no longer a small business. All tiers of the business were doing really well and Antz’ popularly was ever-growing. However, lines were becoming longer and our micro-office at the back of 965a Albany was being shared by an increasing number of staff

At this time, a vacant shop close to the heart of Vic Park became available. This shop included a meeting room, more seating space (inside and out), offices and a workshop. Naturally, this became Antz HQ. Antz HQ is an evolution to Antz’ story since it’s our first paper-free cafe. We decided with Antz HQ that we no longer wanted to contribute to an increasing amount of landfill, so we offered our customers affordable reusable cups instead of paper takeaway cups. We’ve had an incredible response from our customers, new customers and the media for this change.

Nowadays, Antz is in the planning stages to improve our roasting operations. These improvements allow us to be better neighbours and serve our customer’s increasing demand. Despite all the changes and growth of the Antz community, we still value a quality product (at a reasonable price) and great service. Seeing the same faces as we did eleven years ago makes us think we’re doing something right.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us do more of what we love doing!