Antz Cold Brew

The Original Antz Cold Brew

Cold brew is black, cold coffee and contains just coffee and water. Due to the cold-brewing process however, it sets itself apart from a regular cup of coffee. To make Antz Cold Brew, we steep freshly roasted and ground coffee in pure, cold water. Once the coffee has soaked long enough to reach its full flavour potential, the brew is filtered extensively to create a clean and refreshing finish.

We use Colombia La Jacoba coffee to make Antz Cold Brew. Colombia La Jacoba is a single origin coffee medium in strength. La Jacoba has notes of honey, caramel, red fruits and a balanced acidity. La Jacoba beans are produced by an agricultural and social cooperative that ensures the welfare of coffee growers. It is chemical free and carefully produced to ensure a low environmental impact. These beans are grown in harmony with nature and supplied sustainably.

The cold brewing process creates a perfectly balanced and distinctively smooth coffee. Antz Cold Brew is renowned for its smooth, velvety texture and honey, dark chocolate and berry fruit flavours. It’s surprisingly mellow, sweet, creamy and delicately flavoured for a cold, black cup of coffee!

Antz Cold Brew is remarkably flexible. It’s delicious straight from the bottle or over ice. Alternatively, milk, sugar, cream and syrups are fantastic additions.

Want Antz Cold Brew for your business? We have wholesale opportunities that includes by the bottle or keg systems, fully set up and ready to pour!