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Our Story

Antz began as a small roastery on a quiet stretch of Albany Highway. It wasn’t long before coffee enthusiasts got word of our quality caffeinated beverages and freshly roasted coffee beans. Our little shop and our little machine couldn’t keep up with the growing lines of regulars. Apparently Antz was no longer the best kept secret South of the river. A great opportunity came in 2010. We were able to inhabit a shop space across the street, double the size of our original digs. We set out some comfy couches and invested in a brand new triple group handle Elektra. There was also enough room to showcase our extensive range of freshly roasted coffee beans and coffee making equipment. Within a few years, we literally hacked down a wall to the next shop along and filled our new store with large-scale brewing equipment and started a new venture – Antz Cold Brew. Despite the Antz space being three-times the original size, we continued to be very busy! We opened the doors to our roastery (again) and made this space available for takeaway coffees. Antz2go is open during our busiest periods to ensure our customers are able to pick up a fantastic coffee without the queue.

Opening on the 4th May 2016, Antz HQ has become our 3rd cafe. Housing our administration offices, a board room (for hire) and a workshop space, Antz HQ is seen as the evolution of our Antz Story. HQ has a slightly different food offering but still the same amazing coffee. This is our first cafe where we are going paper-cup free. With over a billion take away cups ending up in landfill every year in Australia alone (!) we thought there was something we should do about it. Being the first cafe in Australia to do this, we have seen an amazing amount of support from the West Australian community. Instead of paper take-away’s we have re-usable cups or invite customers to take some time out and enjoy an in-house coffee.

Despite all the changes and the huge growth of our Antz community, our values are still the same; quality of an inexpensive product and great customer service. Still seeing the same faces who popped by the roastery over seven years ago now, tells us we’re doing something right.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us keep doing what we love doing!

Our Philosophy

We don’t mean to brag but there’s a simple reason why our coffee is so good… It’s FRESH! We respect the bean, so you can taste the difference. Nitrogen injected, triple foil bags with long expiry dates might be OK for some, but we have different ideas. We think the secret to great coffee and happy customers is freshly-made, well sourced ingredients, careful preparation and an enjoyable experience – not labels and branded umbrellas. Antz Inya Pantz is able to provide brilliant coffee, in all its wonderful forms, because we’ve invested in our own equipment. Every day, you can watch our shiny brewing equipment and our Diedrich gas roaster making fresh batches, in-store. This means we deliver coffee beans on the same day we roast them. And because we rarely sell coffee more than a few days old, we’re able to use environmentally honest brown paper bags. So why “Antz Inya Pantz”? Well, we believe in being more like children at play. Kids act with enthusiasm, energy and gusto – they really do have ants in their pants! We try to embody the simple ideas of being healthy, happy and having wholesome fun. At Antz we care about coffee and your coffee experience. We’ve been fostering a sense of community at our shops and through our coffee partners since 2006. With this in mind, we’ve created a place where you can enjoy an amazing cuppa… every day.

Sharing the goodness of coffee

At Antz, we are proud to be immersed in the Vic Park community not only by providing a good, quality caffeine hit to our loyal customers and neighbours. We’ve been active in improving our neighbourhood from day one by employing local youth, giving money away to local, national and international charities and contributing as we can to share the goodness we are lucky to extract from our roasted coffee.

The first step is the care that goes into choosing our beans – we are really happy to support producer cooperatives in countries like Colombia and Guatemala, making sure farmers gets a fair price for their coffees. We also stock beans certified by the Rainforest Alliance. And one of our bestselling beans, Tiger Mountain, is produced near one of the remaining tiger habitats in India. A portion of the revenue from our sales goes to help protect that precious habitat.

In our operations, we strive to minimize resource use and waste, so if you have a favourite cup or a Keep Cup, bring it in and we’ll happily give you a $0.50 discount on your coffee. We reuse as much as possible: milk boxes are employed to deliver coffee to our commercial accounts, and our lovely Jenna, a friend and customer, makes beautiful upcycled products from coffee hessian bags.

We source environmentally friendly products when possible – for instance, the bag in which you get your beans is lined with bio-film and, thus, biodegradable and compostable. If you want to bring your used bag back to the shop, we’ll happily refill it for you.

Antz has a small power factory up on the roof. The solar panels are not visible for most customers who come into the shop, but they make total sense to keep cost down and help the environment. On the same note, our Diedrich roaster at 968 Albany Hwy is one of the most efficient in the market, it uses half the gas and emits 60 to 70% less gases than conventional roasters. With the low gas pressure characteristic of East Vic Park, it helps us achieve not only fewer emissions, but the best roasting profile in town.

We also keep a little garden in the back from where anyone can help themselves to herbs, veggies and fruit, when in season. And if you would like some spent coffee grinds to enhance your compost or the soil in your garden at home, all you need to do is stop by the porch at our back door – there is always some there! It’s a small way in which we contribute to divert resources from the waste stream and treat coffee with respect from beginning to end.

Our coffee shop is built around the notion of a shared space, an inviting and relaxing atmosphere where you can read a book, play a game, engage in conversation with friends old and new. Many times we’ve brought talented local artists to play music or exhibit their paintings, making the atmosphere even more enjoyable. And just recently we went the extra mile to provide our customers and neighbours with a bike skills workshop by Dismantle, a social enterprise that does good through bikes. Coffee and bikes just go so well together!

Antz is very lucky to be chosen by the Town of Vic Park as a spot for a parklet, a small public area “parked” in front of our shop for all to enjoy. The parklet has been a hit as it makes it even nicer to sit outside, enjoy a bit of sun and a cuppa.

To give back to the community, we are actively engaged with the Vic Park Collective, a group of residents and small businesses that got together in 2013 to help improve our suburb and make it uniquely awesome. We like to think that Antz is one of those unique places that just keep adding atmosphere and good vibes to a neighbourhood, so come and check us out next time you’re in Vic Park!