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Antz Fresh Roasts

When it comes to coffee, our focus is on quality. This means first-rate coffee beans, excellent coffee roasting equipment and highly skilled coffee roasters. Freshness is also very important at Antz Inya Pantz Coffee Company. We roast virtually every day to ensure the coffee available in-store and the coffee delivered to you is as fresh as possible.

Our coffee is sourced from various origins to provide a range flavours to suit various palates and different methods of coffee preparation. As great coffee is seasonal, many of our single origins are available for only a limited time (usually bi-annually). The following is a selection of our single origin roasts, with more varieties added all the time:

A selection of our beans

Antz Cold Brew

Pure Coffee – No Milk – No Sugar – High Caffeine Content.

Antz Cold brew is sweet, smooth and delicately flavoured black coffee. How? Because it’s cold-brewed!

Preparing Antz Cold Brew involves roasting and grinding FRESH Colombian Jacoba beans. These beans make smooth and delicious coffee with flavours of blueberry, mint and a cocoa finish.

Jacoba beans are produced by an agricultural and social cooperative that ensures the welfare of coffee growers. Jacoba is also chemical free and carefully produced to ensure a low environmental impact. These beans are grown in harmony with nature and supplied sustainably. Tasty, clean and socially responsible coffee beans! We soak La Jacoba coffee grinds in filtered, pure water which we then leave to ‘brew’ for an extensive period. Once the flavour has reached its full potential the brew is filtered to give a clean and refreshing finish. The finished product is satin-soft, naturally sweet and fruity black coffee. However, it has all the caffeine perks of a strong, hot coffee.

Antz Cold Brew tastes great over ice, ice-cream, with added milk, sugar or syrup.

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For those of you who are after a coffee in a hurry, our roastery (968 Albany Hwy East Vic Park) opens up as a take-away outlet Monday to Friday 6.30am to 11.00am and 7:30am to 1pm on weekends. Take-away coffees only.


Our newest location is at 732 Albany Highway in East Vic Park. Only a short jump from our main cafe but it houses our administration offices and workshop so we can tinker on our machines. This is the first paper cup free cafe in Perth, arguably Australia, so you will need to bring a reusable cup or sit in and enjoy your cup of coffee in a ceramic cup! We are saving thousands of paper cups from landfill every month and hope this change will be adopted by other cafes throughout the world! It’s all about small change.


We specialise in coffee! So we DO NOT have a kitchen, breakfast menu, lunch menu or provide table service. However, we do have some snacks to complement your caffeine fix. Our ‘Bagel Bar’, at Antz965 & AntzHQ offers plain, rye & sourdough, olive & rosemary, as well as fruit & cinnamon bagels delivered fresh by The Holy Bagel. Have them toasted and topped with cream cheese, butter, jam (whatever flavour combination you like) or with ‘The Works’, which combines ham, cheese and cream cheese. We also provide schmears – cream cheese infused with sundried tomato, jalapeno or maple and bacon. Delish! For those of you with a sweeter tooth, muffins, slices and raw treats are available in a range of variations. Please keep in mind that at Antz2Go, our take-away outlet at 968 Albany Hwy, there is no food available.