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Coffee Shop

So you enjoy your cuppa in moderation. Try the freshness of Antz Inya Pantz coffee either at the shop or from one of our café partners. There really is a difference in our product.

We don’t mean to rant but the reason our coffee is so good is it is FRESH. And you can't get much fresher than dropping by to have a cuppa in store.

At Antz we create blends that are readily sourced and available. Usually, we mix then roast selecting beans that are compatible by size and density during the roasting process. Occasionally, a good blend requires that beans be roasted separately and then blended post-roast. As your roaster we make decisions based on taste or your specific requirement. Alternatively, single origin coffees offer that distinct pure taste that allows for a simple uncluttered coffee. We roast single origins to that perfect temperature that offers up your best taste.

This Month

Antz House Blend:

This signature blend is loved by all and thought to be a “hug” in a cup. Starting with Brazil Rainforest Alliance Certified Ipanema for smoothness and balance then enhanced with the chocolaty note of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and PNG Sigri for body and thickness on the tongue to round out this comfy blend. You will liken it to wearing your favorite jumper on a cool day.


G.U.S. is that next step up in taste challenge from the House Blend. This blend was developed for those customers and cafes that want to be bold. The base taste is Guatemalan Huehuetanango which shows off it’s delicate acidity, smooth and subtle spice with pepperjack in the aroma. And just so you don’t slumber off to coffee dreamland there are added elements of Ugandan Bugisu to shake you up along with Sumatra Mandheling to add to the heavy syrupy espresso. You find dark, rusty and thick creama in this distinguished blend. Customers return to GUS just so they can remember the great taste was no accident the first time.


Need a morning wake up call or do you have a long way to drive at night? Cranked is Your Coffee Blend. It consists of 50% Indian Monsoon Robusta. That is with a Capital R, as in RRRRRR!!!. Almost double the caffeine of other blends, this baby has zip! To smooth out the Robusta and make it taste great is Nicaraguan Marigogype and some Peru Kimi. If you intend to sleep at night don't drink this after noon.

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