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our Philosophy of Coffee

The Antz Inya Pantz concept and philosophy is loosely based on watching young children at play. They really have Antz in their pants. They have fun and run around like mad all day long then drop dead exhausted after a great day of learning, play and getting along with others. As “grown-ups”, we often forget that same youthful enthusiasm we had as kids. Now, I am not saying our coffee is some elixir of youth, but current research on some of the 860 different chemicals found in the roasted coffee bean shows really promising healthful benefits of coffee drinking.

So you enjoy your cuppa in moderation. Try the freshness of Antz Inya Pantz coffee either at the shop or from one of our café partners. There really is a difference in our product.

We don’t mean to rant but the reason our coffee is so good is it is FRESH. We deliver our coffee in Environmentally Honest brown paper bags. Usually, we deliver on the day we roast and rarely sell coffee more than a few days old.


Triple foil bags with one way air valves and nitrogen injection are for other roasters that are too busy to get coffee beans to their customers freshly roasted. Many popular brands in Perth are actually roasted in Europe or the Eastern States. There are use by dates on some of these bags that go into the next year. Really, can that be good?

Our only other rant is where cafes think it is a smart idea to brand a lesser coffee label all over their café with the use of umbrellas and barricades. The truth is that good coffee and coffee preparation will bring customers in and back, not umbrellas. Invest in your own quality equipment and a good coffee is our advice for the coming competition of consumer taste.

At Antz we use the Diedrich double infrared gas roaster. It is a lovely machine that you are welcome to check out in our shop. Have a cuppa, enjoy your visit and please come back for another coffee or a bag of fresh beans.

Is there something you have always wanted to know about coffee? Then wonder no longer, because Antz are offering to reveal all. Every couple of days Craig will select a question posted on the Antz Facebook, and answer it in depth. Enjoy ya cuppa




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