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Antz Coffee

At Antz we create blends that are readily sourced and available. Usually, we mix then roast selecting beans that are compatible by size and density during the roasting process. Occasionally, a good blend requires that beans be roasted separately and then blended post-roast. As your roaster we make decisions based on taste or your specific requirement. Alternatively, single origin coffees offer that distinct pure taste that allows for a simple uncluttered coffee. We roast single origins to that perfect temperature that offers up your best taste.


Antz House Blend:

This signature blend is loved by all and thought to be a “hug” in a cup. Starting with Brazil Rainforest Alliance Certified Ipanema for smoothness and balance then enhanced with the chocolaty note of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and PNG Sigri for body and thickness on the tongue to round out this comfy blend. You will liken it to wearing your favourite jumper on a cool day.


G.U.S. is that next step up in taste challenge from the House Blend. This blend was developed for those customers and cafes that want to be bold. The base taste is Guatemalan Antigua which shows off its delicate acidity, smooth and subtle spice with pepperjack in the aroma. And just so you don’t slumber off to coffee dreamland there are added elements of Ugandan Bugisu (certified organic) to shake you up along with Sumatra Mandheling to add to the heavy syrupy espresso. You find dark, rusty and thick creama in this distinguished blend. Customers return to GUS just so they can remember the great taste was no accident the first time.


Need a morning wake up call or do you have a long way to drive at night? Cranked is Your Coffee Blend. It consists of 50% Indian Monsoon Robusta. That is with a Capital R, as in RRRRRR!!!. Almost double the caffeine of other blends, this baby has zip! To smooth out the Robusta and make it taste great is Nicaraguan Marigogype and some Peru Kimi. If you intend to sleep at night don't drink this after lunch.


What do you yearn for? As an individual customer or café do you want to have a product made for you especially to match your taste buds? Do you have an existing blend or coffee you want to match up and simply save money over your existing supplier? Many customers enjoy that many good coffees are seasonal and just like to come by and see what is fresh at this moment. Let us know and we can make your coffee dreams come true.


Single origin coffees can be good or bad depending on the bean or weather at time of growth and harvest. Simply, a single bean roast magnifies the taste of the bean and the environment it was grown in. There are no subtle sub-tastes, highs or lows…it just sings out its clear and honest note of flavour. At Antz we have great single origin beans with pure taste. The most popular single origins our customers love are…

Tiger Mountain:

What a great surprise this mountain maverick provides. Best roasted medium/dark, Tiger has a unique but complex taste. As an espresso it looks dark reddish brown with syrupy consistency and a sweet pleasant feel on the tongue. This single origin medium acidity with an herbal woodishness and fruity blueberry in the aroma. Tiger is truly a stand alone bean and generally does not mix well with other beans. For every bag of 21st Century Tiger green beans sold a dollar is set aside to reclaim tiger habitat in India from development. Check out www.21stcenturytiger.com for more details on this program.

Brazil Ipanema Rainforest Alliance Certified:

Customers love this single origin, environmentally sensitive bean for its smooth sweetness and low acidity. Ipanema has fantastic aroma regardless of how its prepared and will please all your guests. Be sure to check out the Rainforest Alliance website at www.rainforest-alliance.org

Nicaraguan Santa Rosa Rainforest Alliance Certified:

This bean is being used as both a single origin to fill in for the Nicaraguan cup of excellence, and in a few of our blends, This coffee features medium acidity, balance, smoothness and a good “cut” with no lingering bitterness.

Tanzania Pea Berry:

Close your eyes and visualize Mt Kilimanjaro where this coffee is grown. The pea berry is all the little beans hand sorted from the harvest. Roasted cool and slow the incredible taste is really “cherry” and berry. (and of course coffee)…lower acidity. Really smooth espresso.

Other single origins:

Costa Rican SHB
PNG Mt. Jabaru
Mexican SHB Organic
Ugandan Bugisu
Kenya Malimbe ABC
Sumatra Mandheling
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Organic Decaf
Brazil Carmelo Alto
Guatemala Antigua



in store pricing

1 kilo $30.00
500 Grams $17.00
250 Grams $10.00 (Custom grind available)
Torani Syrups $15.00 /bottle

commercial pricing

For commercial accounts, pricing is dependant upon volume of usage. Please don't purchase more than 7 to 10 days supply at a time.

For volume accounts we can arrange twice weekly deliveries so that your stock will stay fresh. For volumes of less than 6 kilos per week, once a week deliveries will be the norm.

Great Coffee does not have to come at great expense. Taste the difference first, then ask the price.







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